What Wine Goes With My Outfit

Whenever girls go out the first thing they ask their friends is what to wear. Heading to a wine dinner pairing with the girls, what should I wear? Well, I am no different and I am so grateful to have a friend who not only knows what outfit I should wear to a certain event but also what is currently in style. Mallory is my go-to friend when it comes to ANY fashion question and trust me there are a lot. Mallory is owner of Image Success by Mallory, she can help with everything from a shopping trip to revamp your wardrobe to going through your closet and helping you get rid of that pair of pants that will never fit again.

A couple weeks ago we decided to explore the numerous boutiques in Geneva to find the perfect outfits to pair with the wine I bought on a recent road trip down the I-80 Wine Trail. Check out some of our pairings.

Wine Tour
Recently I took a bus trip with the crew at High Five Adventure, naturally I had to call Mallory to see what I should wear. When you are planning on spending a good amount of time traveling on a bus it is important to be dressed comfortably but you also want something that is nice for when you are at the wineries. It is also important to be prepared with something to drink on the trip, so check out our pairings.

wine tour

Outfit Preview

Mallory’s Outfit Selection:  Dresses are great for versatility and ease.  I chose this dress for the wine tour outfit because we wanted something that was comfortable for traveling on a bus but looked great upon arrival.  This particular dress caters to both, plus it’s a great material that won’t wrinkle!  Another key thing to keep in mind when dressing according to multiple scenarios.  This fit is figure flattering for Krisilee’s body shape and doesn’t need much else, we added a fun element with a statement necklace.  Easy, chic and comfy! Outfit Preview

This outfit and event pairs perfectly with a bottle of Maid of Harbor from the Danish
Countryside Vines & Wines
in Exira, Iowa. This wine is similar to a German Riesling so the girls will love to share it with you on the trip.

Wine Festival
There are so many wine festivals to attend during the summer and early fall. My favorite is Vintage Illinois Wine Festival in Utica during September. While there is no need to bring wine with you it is important to know what outfit to wear as you sample the many wines available for purchase.

Mallory’s Outfit Selection: We’re breaking the old rule of ‘no white after Labor Day’ with
this outfit.  Because…who made that rule anyways?  I find white to be refreshing especially in the cooler months.  To bring the white pants into fall we paired them with this great top.  Since the top has amazing detail on it’s own, minimal accessories are needed.  I love the contrast of the black and white, again super chic and easy!  To add a little pop of color (and because I just can’t resist some accessorizing) we layered these delicate turquoise bracelets. Outfit Preview

This outfit and event pairs perfectly with any wine you pick-up at the festival. I am pairing this outfit with a bottle of wine I picked up at Wide River Winery, the Pursuit of Happiness.

Wine & Cheese Pairing at Home
I love throwing parties at my house and one of my favorites happens to be a Wine & Cheese Pairing Party. There are so many ways to do a Wine & Cheese Pairing but I tend to throw parties where I provide everything and my friends just get to come over to enjoy themselves. This one is a little dressier just in case the ladies decide they want to go out afterwards.

CH WINE copy

Outfit Preview

Mallory’s Outfit Selection: Again, we’re keeping it easy but not holding back on style!  This dress is great on it’s own and flatters Krisilee’s figure incredibly!  The fabric (again) is really easy to wear and incredibly comfortable.  To add a fun twist and take the dress to the next level we added this amazing necklace in a color to add an unexpected POP. Outfit Preview

This outfit and event pairs great with the Cabernet Zinfandel from Cooper’s Hawk Winery. Most of my friends like to drink white wine so I always bring this bottle with me to parties to introduce them to something new. This wine also pairs great with almost all cheeses so it is an instant crowd pleaser.

*If you need help planning a wine & cheese pairing then check out my blog post on doing just that!

Five Course Wine Dinner Pairing
I cannot tell you how many times I am invited over to a friend’s house for a wine dinner pairing and I am completely stumped on what to wear. I know I want to bring a wine that everyone can enjoy with food so I normally stick with a red. But what should I wear?

5 course

Outfit Preview

Mallory’s Outfit Selection: When dressing for a more formal occasion, I always suggest keeping things subtle and elegant.  This dress is stunning with the lace overlay detail and great fit!  Adding an extra ‘glam’ element with the jewelry. Outfit Preview

This outfit and event pairs perfectly with a Cabernet Zinfandel from Cooper’s Hawk Winery. The black pepper taste you get from the finish of the wine will pair nicely with most red meat entrees. If the hostess does not need an extra wine to pair with the entree then it makes a great thank you gift for the hosts.

Overall, dressing according to an occasion doesn’t have to be complicated or require a ton of pieces.  Knowing your shape, what flatters YOU, and adding little touches of detail can take your look to a whole new level!  – Mallory

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