Wine and Cheese Pairing Party

One of my favorite combinations has to be wine and cheese, the only problem, there is 1151not a single place to go for an absolute list. Everyone pairs wine with different cheeses so I wanted to come up with my own favorites and figured what better way than to invite all the girls over.

Here are the pairings I came-up with. Every website pairs different cheeses with wine, so you will have to experiment to find your own favorite pairings.

Martini Asti Sparkling Wine from Jewel-Osco
Cheese Pairings: Munster, Monterey Jack and Colby Jack

Alisia Pinot Grigio from Fresh Market
Cheese Pairings: Munster, Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella, Baby Swiss Cheese1145

Chateau St. Michelle Riesling from Jewel-Osco
Cheese Pairings: Brie, Colby Jack, Smoked Gouda, Monterery Jack

Yellowtail Pinot Noir from Jewel-Osco
Cheese Pairings: Smoked Gouda, Sharp White Cheddar, Fontina

Cherry Wine from Fox Valley Winery
Cheese Pairings: Sharp White Cheddar
Chocolate Pairing: 50% Dark Chocolate Squares

Things I would change if I threw this party again:
1) Have more food to enjoy before and after. Thankfully my husband saw that 1138everyone was getting hungry and ran on sushi and McDonald’s french fry run. (I know crazy combination but they actually pair well with wine.)
2) Pour smaller glasses for tasting and have everyone pick their favorite for a full glass afterwards. I made the mistake of pouring really heavy throughout the tasting so everyone was full before they finished.

This was a fun event for all of us. Try out my combinations and let me know your favorites. Remember, everyone has a different palette so everyone will like different combinations.

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