Ravinia…The Next Foodie Destination

Ravinia just announced the 2018 Concert Schedule. My husband and I are so excited to see Sugarland on the schedule in August. It looks like Mike and I might just have to do a Murphy road trip to Ravinia this summer. Click here to view the full summer schedule. 


When most people picture Ravinia they are picturing folding chairs and picnic blankets filled with cheese boards, mini cupcakes and all variations of wine. We had our first Ravinia trip last summer and while the lawn is filled with the typical concert goers, the best view can be found in the Ravinia restaurants.

Ravinia sent out a press release announcing that they would be finishing their Dining Pavilion in 2018. The renovation that I am most excited for is the redesign of a current space to create a free-flowing small plate and bar service. This way guests can eat and still have enough time to mingle before the concert. Here is a link with all of their dining options. 


When we visited Ravinia most of our conversation on the ride home revolved around the people watching. The team at Ravinia gave us a mini tour while we visited and one of the big things coming is a newly built veranda that will add 80-90 seats under a retractable roof. This is BIG news for all of us people watchers. You will want to check this out!


Here is a link to check out my photo album from the #FoodieChats preview night last summer. Click here.

If arriving early for a sit-down meal is not how you want to get your Ravinia experience started then consider ordering a PICNIC BOX. The talented chefs will have food prepared and ready for you when you arrive. I also saw a stand where visitors could rent chairs and tables. The team at Ravinia make it so easy for concert goers to just hop on the train without having to carry all of the accessories.


The Metra Union Pacific North (UP-N) line will drop guests off right at the gate for the concert venue. Click here for more information on using the Metra to arrive at Ravinia. Click here for more information on Metra Union Pacific North line.


Ravinia offers the full experience for all foodies. It does not matter if you want to bring a picnic basket or get there early to experience the dining pavilion, it is easy to see while thousands of people come back every year. Start planning your trip today. Click here to view the full schedule.

Ravinia Festival 
200 Ravinia Park Road
Highland Park, Illinois 60035
Website  – Facebook PageTwitter PageInstagram Page

Special thanks to Ravinia Festival and #FoodieChats for hosting our visit for purposes of this review. All opinions are Mike’s and mine.

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