The Bachelor Fantasy League – Update

Scoreboard! Scoreboard! Just kidding. I am a good sport so I will not rub it in my husband’sFantasy face that his “All Star Team” (his words not mine) is down to one person. I will admit that Raven is a strong contender but I like her too much for her to end up with Nick so I am hoping  she goes home next week.

How is your team doing? I will be honest that girls I thought would be around for the long hall went home early and vice versa. This has been a season of Nick doing a lot of crying so I am looking forward to Bachelorette 2017.


Mike’s Team – 7 Points

1) Danielle L (CA)

2) Liz (NV)

3) Lacey (NY)

4) Angela (SC)

5) Michelle (CA)

6) Whitney (MN)

7) Astrid (FL)

8) Jasmine B. (WA)

9) Raven (AR)

10) Dominique (CA)

11) Olivia (AK)

12) Ida Marie (TX)

13) Alexis (NJ)

14) Jasmine G. (CA)

15) Josephine (CA)


Krisilee’s Team – 43 Points

1) Kristina (KY)

2) Brittany (CA)

3) Corinne (FL)

4) Elizabeth (TX)

5) Sarah (CA)

6) Danielle M. (TN)

7) Susannah (CA)

8) Hailey (Canada)

9) Lauren (FL)

10) Christen (OK)

11) Jaimie (LA)

12) Taylor (WA)

13) Vanessa (Canada)

14) Rachel (TX)

15) Briana (UT)


Grab a glass of wine and let’s play!



Traveling Murphy


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