The Bachelor Fantasy League – Updates

The Bachelor 2017 is officially off to a crazy start. Last season I quickly found myself paying up weekly prizes to my husband as my players were sent home three to four at a Fantasytime. Premiere night 2017 ended with me as the big winner. I won the weekly pool and more important I won the “First Impression Rose”. So what do I win for all of these challenges? The prize we have for the weekly pool is that the winner gets to plan our date night for the week. Looks like we have a night of wine and cheese ahead of us. The prize for the “First Impression Rose” has me so excited, Mike has to detail my car. If you have ever seen the inside of my car this will make sense.

Even if you have not yet picked your teams there is still time. We have a couple weeks of rose ceremonies and tears coming up so get in the game! (Here is the link so you can pick your team.)


Mike’s Team – 80 Points

1) Danielle L (CA)

2) Liz (NV)

3) Lacey (NY)

4) Angela (SC)

5) Michelle (CA)

6) Whitney (MN)

7) Astrid (FL)

8) Jasmine B. (WA)

9) Raven (AR)

10) Dominique (CA)

11) Olivia (AK)

12) Ida Marie (TX)

13) Alexis (NJ)

14) Jasmine G. (CA)

15) Josephine (CA)


Krisilee’s Team – 103 Points

1) Kristina (KY)

2) Brittany (CA)

3) Corinne (FL)

4) Elizabeth (TX)

5) Sarah (CA)

6) Danielle M. (TN)

7) Susannah (CA)

8) Hailey (Canada)

9) Lauren (FL)

10) Christen (OK)

11) Jaimie (LA)

12) Taylor (WA)

13) Vanessa (Canada)

14) Rachel (TX)

15) Briana (UT)


Mike lost by 23 points!!! I am going to gloat now because I think his top girls will make a strong team for at least a couple more episodes. So grab a glass of wine and let’s play!


Traveling Murphy


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