The Bachelor Fantasy League – 2017 Picks

The Bachelor 2017 airs tomorrow night! For us in the Murphy house tonight is almost as exciting as Christmas Eve since we had to pick our teams for The Bachelor. We always pick Fantasyour teams the night before the season airs, using only the photos posted on the official website and their job titles. This makes preview night exciting since we have no idea who is showing up in a dumb costume or who is the crazy person that season. (Here is the link so you can pick your team.)

We take turns picking our players with the winner of last season picking first. With no further ado here are our picks.

Mike’s Team

1) Danielle L (CA)

2) Liz (NV)

3) Lacey (NY)

4) Angela (SC)

5) Michelle (CA)

6) Whitney (MN)

7) Astrid (FL)

8) Jasmine B. (WA)

9) Raven (AR)

10) Dominique (CA)

11) Olivia (AK)

12) Ida Marie (TX)

13) Alexis (NJ)

14) Jasmine G. (CA)

15) Josephine (CA)


Krisilee’s Team

1) Kristina (KY)

2) Brittany (CA)

3) Corinne (FL)

4) Elizabeth (TX)

5) Sarah (CA)

6) Danielle M. (TN)

7) Susannah (CA)

8) Hailey (Canada)

9) Lauren (FL)

10) Christen (OK)

11) Jaimie (LA)

12) Taylor (WA)

13) Vanessa (Canada)

14) Rachel (TX)

15) Briana (UT)


How do you think we did? Please share your picks so we can play along. Happy viewing.


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