What Halloween Candy Pairs with my Wine?

Every year I take pride in buying the king size candy bars in flavors that kids actually want for Halloween. This year I am going to take it one step further and buy candy bars I know pair wonderful with wine. I offer the adults a candy bar too and now I will be able to include a card telling them what wine pairs with it.


You ask how I came I up with this great idea? I was inspired by another wine pairing at Lynfred Winery. Gregory, Lynfred’s sommelier is a wine genius when it comes to unique pairings. Earlier this year he taught me what wine to pair with chicken tenders (depending on your dipping sauce) and potato chips with French onion dip. This Halloween pairing was probably my favorite session he has taught. We were even given goody bags to take home the leftover candy. If you thought there was no limit to how much chocolate you can consume Lynfred Winery will prove you wrong.

Important note on tasting the pairing: Take a sip of the wine so you can taste it. Then take a bite of the candy bar so you can taste it on its own. Then take a small bite of the candy bar and swish the wine over the top of it in your mouth. You will always taste a difference!

So let’s get down to the pairings.

Pairing 1: KitKat and Chardonnay 2015

This was a fun pairing because a lot of people do not like Chardonnay. If you have a tasting that includes Chardonnay or maybe a glass of it at Lynfred you will notice that it is at room temperature (or cellar temperature). Gregory says that the temperature of the wine is key to people changing their opinion of Chardonnay. When you drink the Chardonnay while chewing on the KitKat you will notice the candy bar takes more buttery. I loved this pairing!


Pairing 2: Reese’s and Pinot Noir 2014

I think this is one of the easiest pairings. The Reese’s paired well with all of the wines and when we asked Gregory about it he had the best answer. The main components of this pairing are grapes and peanut butter, this is also the classic combination we all love in PB&J. I am sad to say I did not come up with that. Try eating a Reese’s next time you have wine. It will work!

Pairing 3: Hershey’s and Zinfandel 2013

This pairing  was my least favorite of the night. The group came to the conclusion that it is probably because Hershey’s is not the purest of chocolates (I am thinking maybe 20% real chocolate in the whole bar). I would recommend an organic dark chocolate bar with Zinfandel. Now that is a winning combination!


Pairing 4: Snickers with Cabernet Reserve 2012

I am not sure I could put into words how delicious this wine was. Lynfred Winery would only let wine club members purchase the wine the night of the event. The Cabernet Reserve pairs great with the nut flavor of the Snickers.

Pairing 5: Almond Joy and Mango

Coconut and mango pair perfect to make anyone think of a tropical vacation in their mouth. I love the idea behind this pairing but the texture of the “coconut” in Almond Joy candy bar does not appeal to me so I tried a small bite and then just enjoyed the wine. I recommend pairing the Mango wine with some White Sangria. Now that is my kind of combination.

Pairing 6: Caramel Apple Filled Twizzlers and Spiced Apple

Now this pairing really surprised me. I am not an apple wine fan but the Spiced Apple Wine covered the fake caramel apple taste of the Twizzlers. I bought a bottle of the Spiced Apple Wine to enjoy while I pass out Halloween candy. Great wine for the holiday.

These are all excellent choices for pairing your Halloween Candy with Wine but the big takeaway from the night is that you will not like the pairing if you do not like the wine. Pair candy with wines that you like and remember that dark chocolate goes with just about every kind of wine.

Note about these pairings at Lynfred Winery: After the event everyone is invited to purchase the wines sampled during the event in the tasting room for a discount. I always take this opportunity to stock up on wines!

Lynfred Winery
15 S. Roselle Road, Roselle
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