Bachelorette Fantasy League Update

Have you been following along as JoJo is eliminating the guys one by one this season? As the undefeated Bachelor Fantasy League Champ (2 years running) I never thought the scoreboard would turn this hard in Mike’s favor. I guess I am now 100% behind Chase. #ChaseorBust

Here is the link in case you need a refresher on who is who, Cast link.

Mike’s Team
1) Chad
2) Derek
3) Alex
4) Will
5) Peter
6) Robby
7) Jordan
8) Luke
9) Nick S.
10) Jake
11) Brandon
12) Coley
13) Grant


Krisilee’s Team
1) Chase
2) Daniel
3) James Taylor
4) Sal
5) Wells
6) Ali
7) Nick B.
8) Vinny
9) James S.
10) Christian
11) Jonathon
12) Evan
13) James F.

It has been a rough couple of weeks a I lose night after night. I have not given up hope that Chase is JoJo’s long lost soulmate. haha Have viewing!

Traveling Murphy

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