The Sweeter Side of St. Charles

Have you ever visited St. Charles? There are so many reasons to make a trip there I could write multiple posts. I want to spend this post looking at the sweeter side. Here are some of my favorite reasons to visit St. Charles that tend to feed my sweet tooth.


  • Wedding Cake Cupcake at Smallcakes– The Wedding Cake cupcake is delicious! I need to give everyone a heads up – I love almond flavor in just about everything. If you are not into the almond flavoring like me then try one of the other nineteen flavors. Smallcakes has seventeen flavors everyday and then three daily specials.



  • Chai Tea Latte at Arcedium Coffeehouse– I am not a food or coffee critic but I always judge a coffee shop by how their Chai Tea Latte and Vanilla Latte taste. The Chai Tea Latte at Arcedium has to be the most unique one I have ever tasted. It is almost like warm milk, cinnamon and some spice. Whether that sounds good to you or not I highly recommend you try it.



  • Mochi Ice Cream from Shakou Sushi – A while back my husband and I were guests at Shakou and the Mochi Ice Cream was hands down my favorite dessert. This dish is ice cream wrapped in a soft rice cake served with Pocky. A Japanese meal is not complete without this delicacy. (Read all about  my dining experience here.)



  • A glass of Brianna wine from Acquaviva Winery – You did not think I would go an entire post without mentioning wine did you? Enjoy a glass of this sweet Illinois wine in one of my favorite designed tasting rooms. The room is shaped liked the inside of a wine barrel and creates the perfect atmosphere for a wine tasting. (Read about my trip to Acquaviva Winery.)


  • Candy from Rocket Fizz – Now what list all about sweets is complete without mentioning the candy shop? It does not matter if you are looking for candy from your childhood or want to try some unique pop flavor, Rocket Fizz has something for everyone!


Where do you go to satisfy your sweet tooth in St. Charles? There are so many sweet spots in this town that I cannot wait to go out and see what other spots I can find. Maybe my next blog post about St. Charles will be about all the sweet drinks I can find.

~Traveling Murphy


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