Traveling Murphy’s Wine Paired with Girl Scout Cookies

You cannot go anywhere without someone trying to get you to buy a box of Thin Mints or Frefoils. Your co-worker a couple cubicles over is trying to sell cookies for little Marjorie or even worse in a couple days when you are trying to grocery shop but first you have to tell little Marjorie no before you even walk in the door. I buy every time! So I figured if we are all going to be buying cookies we might as well pair them with some great wine. So here are my suggestions for wine and cookie pairings.

Trefoils Char (2)

Chardonnay and Shortbread Trefoils

The buttery taste of the cookies will pair perfect with a Chardonnay. Most Chardonnay are known for their butter taste.

Do- Si 2

Late Harvest Riesling and Do-si-does

The sweet flavor of the Late Harvest Riesling pairs perfect with the peanut better flavor of the Do-si-does.

Thin Mint and Merlot (2)

Merlot and Thin Mint

The rich flavor of a Merlot enhances the chocolate flavor in America’s favorite Girl Scout cookie, the Thin Mint!

Samoas Merlot (2)

Merlot and Samoas

Just like the Thin Mint, when enjoying the Samoas pour a big glass of Merlot.


So now that you have seen some of the wine and Girl Scout cookies pairings that I like let me know what you like. What is your favorite wine and cookie combo?

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