Bachelor Fantasy League Update – February 8th

Have you been playing along with The Bachelor Fantasy League? I had this idea of how I was going to write this blog post all day long. Bad mouthing my husband Mike’s team, mainly because he has won every week since this season started. Little did I know that the episode tonight would send home five of his players and put me in the lead. So here is the update of how our teams are doing. I hope you are having as much playing along as we are.

Krisilee’s Team Score This Week 32 PointsFantasy

1) Rachel (ELIMINATED)
2) Amanda
3) Caila
5) Lauren B.
6) Shushanna (ELIMINATED)
7) Jessica (ELIMINATED)
8) Maegan (ELIMINATED)
10) Samantha (ELIMINATED)
11) Breanne (ELIMINATED)
12) Laura (ELIMINATED)
13) Jackie (ELIMINATED)

Mike’s Team  Score This Week = 24 Points

1) Becca
2) Tiara  (ELIMINATED)
3) JoJo
4) Lauren R. (ELIMINATED)
5) Lauren H. (ELIMINATED)
6) Jennifer (ELIMINATED)
7) Olivia (ELIMINATED)
10) Amber (ELIMINATED)
12) Jubilee (ELIMINATED)
13) Mandi (ELIMINATED)

No Team
The Twins (Half ELIMINATED)

Looks like we will be doing whatever I want for date night on Friday! I am so excited to finally win a week. I will boast this week because with a team like Becca and JoJo I doubt I will be in the lead for long. Cheers!

Bachelor Fantasy League Rules
The Contestants

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