Bachelor Fantasy League Update

I am hoping this week was not a foreseeing of what is to come for my Bachelor Fantasy League. Losing five girls on the first night, thankfully all in the middle of my roster, gave Mike a week one win. Looks like he will be picking our date night for this Friday. I am so glad there are no NFL games on Friday night.

Check out our team breakdown, who do you side with? Fantasy

Krisilee’s Team Score This Week 63 Points

1) Rachel
2) Amanda
3) Caila
5) Lauren B.
6) Shushanna
7) Jessica (ELIMINATED)
8) Maegan (ELIMINATED)
9) Lace
10) Samantha
11) Breanne (ELIMINATED)
12) Laura (ELIMINATED)
13) Jackie

Mike’s Team  Score This Week = 69 Points

1) Becca
2) Tiara  (ELIMINATED)
3) JoJo
4) Lauren R. (ELIMINATED)
5) Lauren H.
6) Jennifer
7) Olivia
8) Jami
9) Leah
10) Amber
11) LB
12) Jubilee
13) Mandi

No Team
The Twins


There is still time to pick a team. You will actually be at an advantage because you have the opportunity to watch the first episode and remove the girls that were already eliminated. So after the first week who do you think is going to win? My points are invested in Rachel.

Bachelor Fantasy Draft Rules and Set-Up

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