Traveling Murphy’s Wine Advent Calendar

For a couple years Mike and I have seen the wine racks filled with wine bottles marked like an Advent Calendar, counting down the days until Christmas. So this year I decided to try IMG_2722it out and add my own personal twist. All bottles will not only have the date you are supposed to drink them but they will also have a small activity or date night to go with it. So open a bottle of wine and see where it takes you.

25 Days – Open the bottle, play some holiday music and put up your Christmas Tree!
24 Days – Melt some white chocolate chips, pop some popcorn and combine for a perfect snack to enjoy while watching a Christmas movie.
Movie Suggestions: The Family Man or The Holiday
23 Days- Do not wait until the last minute, get those Christmas cards out!
22 Days- Make a Sangria with the wine of the night!
21 Days- Holiday Food Showdown! Pick your favorite holiday dish and challenge your partner to a competition to see who can make it the best.
20 Days- Put on some holiday music, pour some glasses of wine and make dinner together.
Dinner Suggestion: Spaghetti with Homemade Meatballs
19 Days- How well do you know your wine? Create a mini blind wine tasting to see who can name the most wines. Take three bottles of wine and put them in paper bags so no one knows which one is which.
18 Days- Pour some wine and grab your favorite board game for a night of competition. A couple of our favorites include Catan and Phase 10.
17 Days- Pick up one of the gingerbread houses or villages from the store and spend the night decorating.
16 Days- Buy some glass ornaments and write your memories for this year. Mike and I started this tradition six years ago and we love doing this together every year. IMG_2703
15 Days-Tonight is the perfect night for some Spiced Wine! Heat it up and pour it in a cute holiday mug.
14 Days- Grab a roll of cookie dough from the store or pull out the family recipe and make some Christmas cookies. We all know cookies pair perfect with a glass of wine.
13 Days- Make some cinnamon rolls for breakfast and pair it with a Riesling or Ice Wine.
12 Days- Monday is Movie Night! Surprise your spouse with your favorite Christmas movie.
11 Days- Let’s create some popcorn garland for the Christmas tree!
10 Days- Load up the car. We are going to look at all the Christmas Lights and do a scavenger hunt. When you come home warm up with a nice glass of wine.
9 Days- Today is perfect for ordering pizza and wrapping a couple gifts. I recommend a bottle of Pinot Noir for this pairing.
8 Days- Let’s finish our holiday shopping early. Go shopping as a couple and then celebrate finishing your list with some wine!
7 Days- Christmas movie marathon! Stay in your pajamas all day and enjoy some wine.
Movie Recommendations: Love Actually, The Family Stone and The Drummer Boy
6 Days- Put on some holiday music and make a romantic dinner. Make sure it pairs with the wine of the night!
5 Days- Pour a glass of wine and watch a holiday movie on tv.
4 Days- Let’s wrap all the gifts!
3 Days- Exchange ornaments!
2 Days- Fashion show! Let’s try on some outfits and see what we are going to wear tonight and tomorrow.
1 Day- Merry Christmas!

Some of these things will not work for your schedule but you can save them for days that will. The point is to have fun with your partner.

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