The Sweeter Side of Sullivan’s Steakhouse

The food at Sullivan’s Steakhouse is absolutely delectable but I will be honest, the dessert and wine combinations steal the show. So many times when I go to dinner I get a glass of wine that pairs with my entrée and just keep drinking it through dessert. What a big mistake! Last week I put my pairing in the hands of my waitress and she delivered with three great pairings.

New York Style Cheesecake paired with Inniskillin Ice Wine

The wine pairs perfectly with the cheesecake to give it a rich taste. The ice wine actually cheesecakemakes the cheesecake sweeter but not too sweet that it is over the top. This was by far my favorite pairing because the wine enhances the taste of the cheesecake. If you are only able to try one of these pairings I recommend this one.

Peanut Butter Black Bottom Pie paired with Taylor 20 Year Tawny Port

The natural nut flavor of the port pairs perfectly with the Peanut Butter Black Bottom Pie. This seasonal dessert is a crowd pleaser for obvious reasons. Almost everyone likes the chocolate and peanut butter combination with the sweet and salty flavors combing for a delicious dessert.

S’mores Mousse Cake paired with Dow’s 20 Year Old Tawny Port

Now this dessert pairing is delicious but the S’mores Mousse Cake is quickly becoming oneSMORES of my favorite desserts. One bite of this dessert will bring you back to all those times you toasted a marshmallow around the campfire and enjoyed a s’more. The Ruby Port will work with the cake to elevate the chocolate taste.

These are the pairings I liked from Sullivan’s Steakhouse in Naperville. What is your favorite dessert and wine pairing?

To see the full review of our trip to Sullivan’s Steakhouse in Naperville, click here.

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Sullivan’s Steakhouse
244 S. Main Street – Naperville
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