Why Travel with High Five Adventure?

My husband and I have made our way through a good portion of the wineries and vineyards located on the Northern Illinois Wine Trail just by taking mini roadtrips. However, I was intrigued when I was approached by the crew at High Five Adventure to IMG_1162join them on their upcoming bus tour of four wineries. Let me tell you, having someone else plan where we are going and when is such a change of pace for me. I loved it!

There are so many reasons to travel with High Five Adventure, so let me tell you the reasons that convinced me.
5) Big Heart– I cannot even begin to explain how big the hearts are of the High Five Adventure crew. Every adventure they donate a portion of the trip’s proceeds to a charity or cause.
4) Family Time – It only takes one look to notice the High Five Crew is actually two sisters. Angie and Jaime bring their sisterly love and banter on the bus for every trip. This puts everyone at ease instantly and makes you feel like you are traveling with your family (at least the family members you actually like).
3) Game Time– On every trip there will be some fun trivia. On our trip we had an awesome time trying to answer questions about wine in groups of 4-5 people. I am embarrassed to admit that my mother-in-law and grandma-in-law beat my team, the every night wine drinkers.
2) No Drinking & Driving – I am a huge advocate for being safe when you are out enjoying a drink or two. This trip allowed us to try wine from four different wineries and not have to worry about who was going to be the Designated Driver. Good luck finding a friend who wants to stay sober all day and drive you to four wineries. Not it!
1) Sit Back and Relax – My day job is in the travel industry so whenever I travel with anyone they expect me to know what we should do at any destination. The team at High Five Adventure took care of all of that. I just had to get on the bus and drink wine. They told me where to get off the bus and what time I had to get on.

Now that you know why you should travel with High Five Adventure here is a list of what you should bring.

  • What to bring:
    Snacks that pair with wine! Some of the big hits on our bus trip:
    – Chicken Sausage and Cheese Skewers
    – Cheese and Crackers
    – Sliced Baguette with cups of Olive Oil and Italian Seasonings
    – Cake Batter Puppy Chow
    – Potato Chips
  •  Water or Gatorade
  •  Beer (I have never met someone who prefers beer over wine but this is an option.)IMG_1259
  • Wine Opener- keep in mind the High Five Adventure team is prepared and has one but so many people want to use it after they make all their purchases so you might want to bring your own. I keep one in my purse, just in case.
  •  Camera! I cannot stress how important it is to bring a camera or at least make sure your iPhone is fully charged. The vineyards are beautiful and there are so many photo opportunities.
  • Travel Buddy- now I know this is a cheesy answer but I believe the person or people you travel with truly make the experience. So find someone fun and book your trip.

So are you ready to book your getaway with the High Five Adventure crew? Here are all the links that you will need from checking the upcoming trips to keeping in the loop with the crew on Facebook. Let me know what trip you book, I am also looking for my next trip.

High Five Adventure Website

High Five Adventure Facebook

Happy Travels!

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