Five Reasons to Visit Kuipers Family Farm

Nothing screams fall in the Midwest quite like going for a walk around an apple orchard with an apple cider donut in one hand and a hot cider in the other. Kuipers Family Farm is an apple orchard my husband and I found a couple years back when we were looking to buy some pumpkins. We visit Kuipers every year on our anniversary weekend for the donuts but there is so much more to the orchard than just the donuts.

Five Reasons to Visit Kuipers Family Farm

5. Samples- The Orchard Shop seems to have some kind of dip, jelly or apple to try around every 190corner. Even on my last trip to Kuipers I heard a girl telling her boyfriend, “wait until you see all of the samples!” I will admit I am the first person to try all the samples and the large collection of dip mixes I have in my cabinet are proof of that.

4. Pumpkin Memories- There is something magical about picking your own pumpkin from a field and washing it that creates a memory. Anyone can grab a pumpkin from your hometown chain store that has them sitting out front in a cardboard box but where is the fun in that. So get your hands dirty and find your next jack-o-lantern.

3. Fresh Apples- This one ties in with the last point. Bring your camera and wander the apple tree orchard to find the perfect apples for your next apple pie or maybe for a late night snack paired with some peanut butter. You know what they say, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”.

2. Kuipers Hard Ciders and Kuipers Fruit Wines Tasting – The Bin Bar just opened this 220year and has to be one of the best places to stop at Kuipers. Imagine my surprise as I wandered through the store and came upon a new room set-up just like a wine tasting room. This made a perfect addition to our trip. They have three fruit wines and three hard apple ciders to sample. It is $5 for a flight of three and the best part is you can pick whatever combination you would like. I went with the Kuipers Hard Cinnamon Apple Cider, Kuipers Sweet Red Wine and Kuipers Sparkling Peach Wine. My favorite: Kuipers Sparkling Peach Wine!

1.Apple Cider Donuts- If you were going through this list wondering what my number one reason was going to be, well it is safe to say you did not read the first paragraph. I am a sucker for a good apple cider donut with hot apple cider on a crisp autumn day. Fall has not officially started until I have enjoyed this seasonal tradition. So stop in a grab some donuts and share your photos with me!288

Well, now that you have seen my list of reasons why you should visit Kuipers Family Farm head out there and let me know what you think I missed. What would you add to this list?

Kuipers Family Farm
1N318 Watson Road, Maple Park

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1 Response to Five Reasons to Visit Kuipers Family Farm

  1. Weech says:

    My friend introduced me to Kuipers Family Farm about a month ago when I visited him in Chicago. I was really impressed by how large and immaculate the place is kept. The only thing I would add to your list – albeit it is a little cheesy – is the Farmview Railway. Taking that miniature train around the farm gives you a really good perspective of how big it truly is. Hope to come back again for a visit in the future!

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