Five Reasons to Visit Acquaviva Winery in Maple Park

Most people will see the beautiful pictures from the outside of Acquaviva Winery in Maple Park and want to visit without knowing any details about the building. The building was designed to make you feel like you are about to walk into an Italian vineyard and they did a wonderful job doing just that. I am also happy to assure you the wine is even better than the ambiance, which is pretty hard to beat.

The first time my husband and I visited Acquaviva Winery was about acthree years ago when we had decided to go to Kuipers’ Family Farm on a date. We were driving back home and accidentally turned the wrong direction. Once we saw the vines growing on the South side of Route 38 and the breathtaking winery on the North side we knew we had to stop. Acquaviva has continued to be a wonderful date night over the years.

So here are the reasons I would recommend visiting:

5) In case I have not mentioned the building enough, I am putting it on my list as number 5. I recommend walking in and just looking at ac2very little detail before you even walk to the sampling bar. The ceiling when you walk in, the hand painted Italian scenes throughout the winery, will make you appreciate all the thought they put into the place. I am sure most people will agree that the ambiance of a place will add to the delicious taste of the wine.

4) Exquisite menu, the menu is strong enough to stand on its own but ask your server for a wine recommendation and the pairing will take it to the next level.

3) It seems like most wineries north of Southern Illinois import most or all of their grapes and fruit, that is not the case with Acquaviva Winery. All grapes and fruit are grown on the property. They make sure to plant hearty grapes that can survive our Chicagoland weather. This is something that I really admire as the trend to shop and eat local continues to gather momentum.

2) The Prairie Star Wine – Now I cannot believe I just said those ac3words, since we started visiting this winery a couple years back I have always been a cheerleader for the Brianna Wine, I guess my palette has grown up. This crisp wine is similar to a Pinot Grigio and goes perfectly with the cheese plates I like to snack on during the week.

1)The Signature Tour- The second time we ever visited the winery my husband surprised me with a tour of the winery. They have three different tour options with the Signature Tour being the most expensive but worth every penny. The tour is lead by Acquaviva’s winemaker, Sergio Benavides and his passion will inspire you to hang on every word he says. The tour ends with a sampling of all the wines and some delicious cheeses in the barrel room.

What would you add to the list? There are so many things to enjoy at the winery in Maple Park and that is not even mentioning Ristorante di Acquaviva in Sycamore or the Wine & Tasting Bar in St. Charles.

Acquaviva Winery
47W614 Route 38, Maple Park, IL, 60151
(630) 365-0333
Website  –  Facebook 

To see all of the photos from my last visit to Acquaviva Winery please check out the Traveling Murphy Facebook page.

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