Keeping Marriage Fun, Part 2

So did you try the questions from my last date night post? There is just something 472romantic about laughing and enjoying a glass of wine with your spouse. Well, I hope you will continue the fun and try some more questions.

  1. Money and time are no issue, tell me about our perfect date night.
  2. Pick anyone, married or not, who is the next Bachelor or Bachelorette and how does the season end? (I apologize if you do not watch either of the Bachelor shows but keep in mind, it is another FREE date night idea.)
  3. Tell me one thing you do when you are home alone that I do not know about.
  4. It is time to renew our vows: when, where and who is there?
  5. If you could make a tattoo appear on your body without any pain, where would it be and what is it?
  6. Go back and do it differently! What would you get a degree in? What job would you end up with?
  7. Upgrade a body part forever with no work, what is it?
  8. Public embarrassment! Would you rather accidentally fart and have two people hear it or fall on your face and ten people see it?
  9. One food you could eat every day and not get tired of it?
  10. What is more beautiful to you a sunset or a full moon?
  11. We are preggers! Would you rather have a boy or a girl? Name one trait he/she gets from me and one from you.
  12. We hit the lotto and never have to worry about money. After we travel a lot, what job would you want to do?
  13. You get to pet one of these animals with complete safety: Lion, Great White Shark or Grizzly Bear. Which one would you pick?
  14. Forget me, you have to get a roommate, who would it be?
  15. You have to be friends with a tv or movie character (not the actor or actress), who would you pick?

Well, what do you think? Spend a night or two asking my questions and coming up with a couple of your own. These are great conversation starters and should definitely cause a couple laughs. What questions do you recommend adding to the list?

Side note: These questions can be spiced up if you would like to organize them for a date night you are planning for your husband but I will let your creativity come up with those.

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