Fives Reasons to Visit August Hill Winery

Last weekend my husband and I went on a short road trip to the scenic town of Utica, Illinois to explore two of the Illinois wineries in the region. Our first stop was August Hill Winery, one of my favorite wineries to visit because they have a great selection of wine but they also have Illinois Sparkling Co.

Here are the five reasons I visit August Hill Winery. Read them over and let me know what you would add to the list.

5) Tasting Glasses– I have done plenty of wine tastings and I can easily say that August Hill wins the award for the best wine glasses. This will seem small to most people but there is something about drinking wine out of their fancy wine glasses.
4) Augie’s Blackberry – This has to be one of the most delicious port wines I have tried. 160When you get it as part of your tasting it even comes with a chocolate piece, pairs perfect with the dark chocolate. This does not have the strong brandy taste you get with most ports so I recommend all wine lovers giving it a shot.
3) Live Music– The Lounge was just remodeled this year and it makes a perfect setting to sit back with a good glass of wine and listen to the live music. Check out the August Hill Winery’s events page for a full listing of events and live music. Click here.
2) Almond Infusion– I have a personal weakness for almost anything almond flavored so I was not surprised when I asked for seconds on this one. They infuse the Sweet William wine with almond flavoring, they also have Raspberry and Apple. Try them all!
1) The Nosh Plate– Be warned the pepper jam will steal the show. The wines are all delicious but the jam and cheese combo is what keeps me coming back.

August Hill offers a couple different options for wine tastings but I always start with five wine tastings for $5. Check out the full list of tastings here. So take a road trip and see what wines you like the best from August Hill then let me know.

August Hill Winery and Illinois Sparkling Co.
106 Mill Street, Utica, Illinois
(815) 667-5211
August Hill Winery WebsiteFacebook Page
Illinois Sparkling Co. WebsiteFacebook Page

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4 Responses to Fives Reasons to Visit August Hill Winery

  1. mily says:

    I too enjoy August Hill Winery. One of my favorites is Vignoles a semi-dry white wine. Nice Work.

  2. Lori biggs says:

    You forgot their beautiful new tasting room! I completely agree with everything else.

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