Vodka Infusion

Some of my favorite drinks start from vodka, whether it is a Bloody Mary or Martini, so I thought it would be fun to try my hand at infusing some vodkas. If you look online the different options you can try are endless, so I decided to go grocery shopping and just pick up some of my favorite flavors and try it out.

Here are the simple steps to infusing your own vodka:
1) Pick your flavor
2) Cut-up fresh ingredients (Very Important Step)
3) Put the ingredients into a 64 oz Mason JarsIMG_4684
4) Pour the Vodka Over Top -I recommend Tito’s Vodka but use your favorite vodka.
5) Put the vodka in a dark place for four days
6) On the sixth day take out the vodka and pour through a strainer, I did it three times to make sure I did not catch any seeds
7) Now the fun part, pour the vodka into shot glasses or mix with your favorite Bloody Mary Mix

There is no recipe to the madness, I just wanted to share my experiments to try to inspire you to make your own. Do not forget to let me know how it is!IMG_4517


The flavors I tried are Cilantro Cucumber and Jalapeno Garlic. In all honesty both vodkas had way too much spice but I had fun making them into a Bloody Mary.



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